St Alban's Catholic Primary School

St Alban's Catholic Primary School

Xavier Education Trust
Staff Organisation


Headteacher Mr M Brannigan
Deputy Headteacher Mrs J Bishop
Assistant Head Miss C Clarke
Reception/ St Bernadette

Mrs J Bishop 


Ms A Blakeway

Reception/ St Francis Mrs Lawless
Year 1/ St Thomas Miss Mair
Year 1 /St George Mrs A Johal- Coombs
Year 2/ St Peter Miss A Keenan
Year 2/ St Joseph Mrs Mettrick
Year 3/ St Paul Miss K Pearson
Year 4/ St Josephine (Bakhita) Miss Quinn
Year 5/ St John the Baptist Mrs Trotter
Year 6/ St Mother Teresa Miss Clarke
Mrs V Kent
Mrs E Holliday
Administration/office staff 
School Business Manager Mrs C Partington
School Administrator Mrs K Byrne
School Administrator Mrs S Baker
PA to Head Teacher Mrs P Dumonde
Learning Support/ Teaching Assistants
Mrs R Townend
(High Level Teaching Assistant)
Mrs L Brownlie

Mr G Campetti

Mrs D Doe

Miss E Rickerby

Miss S  Gray                                 

Mrs M Hughes

Mrs S Mapp

Mrs A Bartholomew Miss K Cribbin
Miss C Hanson Mrs S Mapp
Mrs E Pocock  


Mrs E. Pocock  - Senior Lunchtime Supervisor Mrs A Orsini 
Miss K Cribbin Mrs B Wilkins
Mrs L Brownlie Mrs R Townend
Mrs D Dudek Miss S Gray
Mrs D O'Shea  

Site Services 
Caretaker Mr M Isaia


 Mrs S Marsland



Caterer  Mrs C Marshall
 Servery / Catering Assistants  
Ms K Doughty C Booth

Breakfast & After School Club Staff

Mrs A Bartholomew Miss K Cribbin
Mrs D Doe Miss S Gray
Miss D O' Shea Mrs L Brownlie
Mrs A Orsini  


St Alban’s works in partnership with St Mary’s College, Twickenham, in preparing Catholic students to become teachers. During the year a number of students will be based in our  school planning and teaching under the direction of our class teachers.

Your children benefit from the enthusiasm and new activities brought in by the students           and by being able to work in smaller groups.

During their time here the students will be involved in all aspects of school life, including parents’ evenings.